A safe room for the child must be furnished wisely!

Media continuously publish information regarding child accidents at home. Unfortunately, disturbing statistics show that very often what we lack is enough imagination in arranging safe rooms for our offspring. UNICEF statistics show that even 40 percent of all accidents take place at home. What makes it worrying is that the home should be a safe  haven where you are happy to come back and where you can play with the children safely and spend time carelessly.   However, unprotected windows, doors, furniture and home appliances increase the risk of accidents at home. Therefore, it is worth choosing solutions from tried and tested producers that ensure safety and comfort for all the family. 

Statistics show clearly that the underbelly of the home is the stairs, doors, windows and drawers with dangerous objects such as knives. Most accidents happen in the living-room, but the most serious ones occur in  the kitchen and the stairs. We often hear about children falling out of the window, which means that children’s bedrooms are not equipped with adequately secured woodwork. Widow producers  offer many solutions that ensure comfort and safety in the children’s bedroom – starting with blockage of handle misplacement , equipping windows with handles with a key or button, or adopting smart window control that gives parents full control over what happens in the house.

It is worth remembering that appropriate windows or doors may constitute significant protection of the child against a number of risks, and they also guarantee more comfort for the parents. Our offspring, especially the younger ones, are particularly curious. They often come up to the window and observe what happens outside. There is no need to worry if they are safe in their room. There are a few simple tricks to gain such confidence.

A handle with a key or a button

The choice of the PVC window with a handle locked with a key or a button will prevent the child from opening the window and from the risk of falling out. Importantly, modern design of handles may match each style of the window. Beautiful, aluminum handles with a key or a button may prevent the child from opening, and may also constitute a decorative element.    

Smart systems of window and door control

Smart home allows us not to worry about comfort, functionality, energy efficiency of the home, and even about safety of the family. Statistics confirm that more or less one in five Poles uses a smart solution at home*, but we still hear about children falling out of the window.

Thanks to the modern system of smart solutions, windows, doors or roller shutters may tilt, open or close at selected times of the day, they may tilt or slide in integrated groups or individually, which gives us full control over our home even when we are out. We get constant supervision via the phone, and, if necessary, access to systems installed at home at all times. According to the established timetable, the window tilts and closes at specific times, and in combination with the sensor system you can also program ‘automatic ventilation’ depending on the weather. You can also check quickly what the child is doing in their room and close or tilt the windows if necessary.

„Systems applied in Drutex windows may be compatible with systems of access control, which improves home safety and usage comfort of the woodwork. „-says Mirosław Furtan, production director Drutex S.A.

Blockade of handle misplacement – an important detail

Some windows producers offer as a standard blockade of handle misplacement that prevents simultaneous tilt and  turn of the window sash which may cause the sash to fall out. As a standard you may also find the sash lift that facilitates proper position when closing the window, which  enhances usage safety. It is especially important because when there is no handle with a key or a button, the child standing next to the window is exposed to dangers that may be a threat to their health or even life. It is an investment that always returns therefore you need to check if the window has such a solution as a standard.

Glass that does not break

Properly reinforced glass, so called safe glass, or laminated with stretch PVB film that holds together thanks to the interlayer, even when the child hits it with a hard or heavy object. Therefore, you do not need to worry when children stay on their own in the room to play. Hardened glass is also an alternative that, comparing to standard glass, is more resistant to deformation and bending, to thermal shock, and above all, they break into very small pieces, just like car glass, which minimizes the risk of cutting. 

 „Hardened glass is gaining popularity. It is a perfect solution for shop windows, commercial buildings, as well as houses and flats, since their properties enhance safety better than standard glass packages. Therefore, almost three years ago we invested in our own  hardening furnace. Today we are able to deliver even more complex solutions that respond to Clients’ needs. „ – adds Mirosław Furtan from DRUTEX S.A.

The house or the flat represent peace, safety and comfort. However,  sensible parents should consider if the room when the child is staying is functional enough to ensure safety for the little ones. The market offers a number of solutions that may be applied to reduce risk of accidents.  To be on the safe side, let’s check our windows at home, especially in the children room. That will be one step  to safeguard the health of our children

*according to Somfy data

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