Technology and Quality

Technology facilities

DRUTEX has long been at the forefront of using technologically advanced machinery and equipment available on the global market. This enables it not only to optimise production and continue to innovate but above all to offer top-quality products.

Production from A to Z

DRUTEX produces its windows from A to Z thanks to its own research and development department, construction office and research laboratory.

A leading European windows and doors manufacturer, DRUTEX is also recognised across the world. Each window or door is made to order.

R&D Department

DRUTEX has its own research and development facilities, design and technology office and testing laboratories. This allows us to independently develop modern product concepts, refine technologies and test the capabilities of our products.

The R&D department integrates all engineering departments, prototyping facilities and laboratories. Thanks to this, we can be even more efficient; by developing new technologies, we can respond more quickly to customer needs. Creating our products from scratch, from concept to prototype to end product offered to customers, we take full responsibility for the market success of our solutions and customer satisfaction. At the same time, with modern equipment and facilities, we are able to set trends in international markets.

Modern manufacturing

At our production facilities spanning 11 hectares, we manufacture windows, doors, roller shutters, Venetian blinds, façade and winter gardens. Our product range includes PVC, aluminium and wood products. Each year, we spend several hundred million zlotys on state-of-the-art machinery, production tools, new manufacturing facilities, transport fleet and personnel. We work with market leaders.

Drutex uses the highest quality components from recognised and reputable world-class suppliers. In striving to optimise and automate production, we also take advantage of innovative production robots, providing our customers with woodwork of excellent quality and functionality.

Modern manufacturing

We are constantly investing in modern technology, and therefore, also in quality.


DRUTEX has always focused on providing customers with top-quality products. In 1999, DRUTEX was awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international certifications by TÜV Management Service GmbH, Munich, which confirms that our company has implemented and applies the principles of management through quality and meets the requirements of the environmental management system standard.

Year after year, DRUTEX invests millions of zlotys in modern production machinery and equipment and the development of production lines.

Research and Development Department

Apart from certifications and technical approvals issued by national and international certification bodies, the quality testing of PVC profiles and finished products is also carried out by our own testing laboratories, which are equipped with state-of-the-art quality control equipment. Operated 24 hours a day, these laboratories ensure that DRUTEX has constant supervision over the production processes and woodwork quality.

  • Laboratories operating 24 hours a day.
  • Top-tier quality, guaranteed.
  • Product quality control at every production stage.