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Initiating the construction of a modern production hall

The year 2013 saw DRUTEX launch its largest-ever investment project, which was to become part of the European Woodwork Centre in Bytów. The production halls with a total area of more than 55,500 square metres, in which several thousand windows are now made every day, took two years to build, with the total investment project cost exceeding PLN 200 million.

The first stage of the project started in 2013 and lasted 20 months. In October 2014, we launched our first production hall, spanning over 28,500 m², which allowed us to increase our production capacity and thus strengthen DRUTEX's competitive position in the key export markets.

The steel structure of the hall completed in Stage I has an area equivalent to four football pitches and weighs 904 tonnes, which is equivalent to three Airbus A380 Superjumbo aircraft. The earthworks involved hauling 176,413 m³ of soil. Furthermore, 30,000 plants were planted and 10,000 m² of lawn was laid around the hall. The hall features automated, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for the production of PVC profiles, composite glass and PVC windows and doors, which was supplied by leading international companies.


Expansion of the existing hall

In early 2015, DRUTEX commenced the construction of EWC's second production hall, one measuring 194 m in length and 120 m in width and with a total area exceeding 25,000 m², an equivalent of four more football fields.

Made using the same technology and architectural design as the initial part of the ECS, the second section also included heated footbridges, a characteristic feature of DRUTEX's investment projects. Like the first production hall, the second one also comprises production spaces, offices, conference facilities and auxiliary infrastructure, including roads and car parks. The solutions used during the design and implementation of the investment project not only ensure maximum energy efficiency and the best ergonomic working conditions possible but also enable production processes to be organised optimally. Combined with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, this allows DRUTEX to develop more dynamically than ever before.

The launch of window production in EWC's second hall offers DRUTEX new prospects for further growth, bringing the total size of its production space to more than 95,000 square metres.

Modern manufacturing

We are constantly investing in modern technology, and therefore, also in quality.

Site visits

DRUTEX allows visitors to see its production halls first-hand. This is an excellent learning opportunity for engineering students who would like to work in the construction industry. As far as window and door manufacturing is concerned, DRUTEX's machinery and equipment are at the cutting edge. Some equipment pieces are one-of-a-kind in Poland, whereas others are one-of-a-kind in Europe.

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