Winter garden: greenery all year round

In winter, lush greenery outside is covered by a layer of snow, but homeowners do not have to give it up. A part of the garden may be turned into a hothouse that will also become extra usable area of the house. What should we take into consideration when planning such an investment?

A hothouse may be an extra living-room or its natural extension, and on an sunny winter day it will give us a feel of summer. The most natural place for a hothouse is the garden – preferably, with direct access from the hothouse. The reasons for this solution are practical, as well aesthetic. After all we don’t want a view of the street or the neighbor’s fence.

Winter garden in expert hands.

If you decide to get a winter garden it is worth using products from companies that offer such solutions. Drutex has the MB-WG 60 hothouse that bases on a system of thermally insulated profiles which let into the garden a maximum amount of daylight necessary for the plants’ growth. A great advantage of this system is the possibility to shape the structure according to individual preferences, not just the shape of a classic cube, but also a polygon with a sloping roof consisting of many panels. The profile color may match the color of the plaster or it may be a contrasting color, one out of over 200 color options.

Comfort and safety  

A solid winter garden with good thermal insulation serves both aesthetic and practical functions. It becomes a sluice that in winter reduces heat loss from the house, and in summer it cumulates sun rays and serves as a barrier, as a result, the rest of the building is cooler. Such a solution is enabled by the application of composite glass with very good heat transmittance coefficient.

Bearing in mind safety of the winter garden, Drutex has created a very wide range of glazing, including burglar-proof glass, hardened, with enhanced sound insulation as well as ornamental and anti-sol glass. 

Year-round usage requires heating in the garden. The best solution is floor heating that minimizes heat loss and allows to heat the room evenly. As a result, we will be able to enjoy the hothouse regardless of weather conditions.

What plants will work out in a hothouse?

The winter garden is a great way to keep lush greenery at home no matter the season. Big plants with huge leaves look impressive in a separate room, and they turn the place into a substitute for tropics. The garden location will determine the type of plants we choose. A garden on the south side will be sunny all day round in summer, therefore we should opt for stenothermal and tropical plants. We should go for various species of rubber plants and schefflers, beautifully blooming oleanders or highly robust dracaena with eye-catching, striped leaves. 

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