Winter garden- a green oasis of peace

A single-family detached home covered with dark red brick located on a vast property with a large garden. Light antracite tiles create an interesting contrast with the color of the house facade. A unique feature is the harmonious combination of a winter garden, which perfectly matches the whole house concept in terms of style and design, with the rest of the house.

Winter gardens win nowadays great popularity. Already during the warm summer months, private investors think about the forthcoming autumn-winter period and plan their intimate, safe “zone”. There is a wide variety of design possibilities and constructions of the such called “glass palace”.  The winter garden is not just an ordinary room, but also a quiet place ideal for relaxation. Large glazing creates a beautiful natural space full of daylight.


"Large glazing, which provides a lot of daylight at home, is very trendy nowadays. However, such a large glass packages need to guarantee also excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation. For this reason, it is worth choosing an experienced and reliable windows’ manufacturer. First of all, windows have to be made of high quality profile as it’s the heart of the window. It’s also crucial to check if the company has appropriate certificates, approvals and technical documents issued by international certification institutions. We need to bear in mind that windows are an investment for years.", says Miroslaw Furtan, production director Drutex S.A.


More daylight offers a lot of advantages especially for all those who love to have beautiful plants at home. Moreover, home full of light has a positive effect on our comfort and the way we feel. The more light at home, the more energy we all have, which is especially important in autumn and winter, when the days are becoming shorter and we lack the sun rays.


The interior is elegant and modern. The dominant colors are black and white, which is reflected in the selection of furniture, carpets and white color of the floor. Large selection of color combinations from a palette of 33 films enables to accomplish different projects adjusted to individual needs and preferences. One can create a window with different color of the window from outside and inside to match the whole design of the building.

Wysokie parametry izolacji termicznej okien gwarantują przyjemne temperatury w ogrodzie zimowym nawet w okresie jesieni czy zimy..


Ogród zimowy umożliwia odpoczynek również przy nieco mniej sprzyjającej pogodzie. Dzięki dużym oknom do pomieszczenia dostaje się wystarczająca ilość światła, tworząc przyjemną, ciepłą atmosferę.



Oasis of peace and quiet over the rooftops – the renaissance of balconies and roof terraces
A safe room for the child must be furnished wisely!

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