Kamila Newlin-Łukowicz „ The Businesswoman of the Year 2021”


Kamila Newlin-Łukowicz, the Vice-president of Drutex, has won the Puls Biznesu plebiscite „ The Businesswoman of the Year 2021” in the category of companies with revenue exceeding 50 million PLN. 

Her professional achievements as well as the approach to conducting business have been appreciated by almost 15.5 thousand readers of Puls Biznesu and bankier.pl portal.

Kamila Newlin-Łukowicz, as the vice-president, provided a new perspective and opening to the world. The company has global range, and export is growing dynamically, amounting to almost 80% of production. The last 3 years have been the best in the company’s history, with record results.

The vice-president is famous for making quick business decisions that are always right and enhance the company development – one of the leaders in the window and door woodwork in Europe.

- I don’t hold unnecessary talk shop, meetings or conferences that are so popular in corporations. They are pointless, just a waste of time. When in the company everybody is aware of where they are and what goals we have – we understand each other without words. I often make decisions on the go, in corridors or staircases – about buying trucks or  building a two-level hall. And everything is up and running – claims Kamila Newlin-Łukowicz.

Drutex highly values the vice-president’s approach to the staff. Thanks to her charisma and modern take on human resources management, she creates a place where people want to and like to work. 

— At the company I tend to have colleagues rather than a boss – subordinate relation. It doesn’t make sense to create such barriers, then people don’t do their best. I try to have  partnership with all Drutex staff. It pays off – ensures the vice-president.

The entire interview with  Kamila Newlin-Łukowicz, the winner of the ‘’Businesswoman of the Year 20121’’ plebiscite in the link below:


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