Innovative technology in Drutex windows


Drutex is the first Polish company to have introduced a modern Maco self-locking espagnolette in its offer of PVC systems in RC2 resistance class. The innovative automatic  espagnolette is a novelty on Polish window and door market and it significantly improves safety level in the room.


The main advantages of the self-locking espagnolette lie in the automatic blocking of security cams and  disenabling to move them manually in case of burglary attempts. This solution prevents unlocking the window from the outside. Therefore, the self-locking espagnolette improves basic security for windows in the locked position, also without the handle with a lock which is the most common alternative against cams displacement. Woodwork equipped with the modern solution with the automatic locking system also stands out for greater durability and longer service life  thanks to the standard handle misplacement block with the application of tilt and turn hardware.


„The modern Maco self-locking espagnolette is new on the market, and it represents another pioneer solution that Drutex has implemented in its products aiming at improving safety and usage comfort of the windows.  We are well aware that woodwork safety issues are crucial to Clients all over the world, therefore we regularly invest in innovative solutions in this area. It is worth pointing out that as a standard our windows are equipped with a handle misplacement block that prevents simultaneous tilt and turn of the window sash which could cause the sash to fall out of the window. As a standard we also offer the wing lift that facilitates the proper position when closing the window, which increases safety level during usage. Our windows may also be equipped with safe glass or tempered glass’’ – says Mirosław Furtan, the director of Quality Control Department at DRUTEX S.A.

Drutex woodwork means original systems that are the result of the work of our own R&D department. The company has been developing modern technologies for years and it has been implementing products that respond to Clients’ needs and to current architectural trends. Such activities allowed to equip windows with smart control systems that enable to open or tilt woodwork with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone. The systems applied in Drutex windows may be compatible with systems of access management and control, which improves home or flat safety as well as the comfort of woodwork usage.


Drutes has received numerous awards in Poland and abroad for its cutting-edge solutions.  This year, Drutex was given the Plus X Award in Germany in three categories: high quality, design and functionality for Iglo Light the original window system, which confirms the great parameters and innovativeness of the developed products.

The Plus X Award for DRUTEX: IGLO Light system has received the award in three categories
Drutex receives an award for export and a nomination for the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ Eagle award

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