Drutex receives an award for export and a nomination for the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ Eagle award


In this year the 500 List ranking of top Polish companies by ‘Rzeczpospolita’ daily, Drutex, the European leader in the production of vertical windows, was the only company in the ranking to have received an award for its dynamic development and operations on international markets. What is more, Drutex is in the shortlist of the five companies nominated for the prestigious Eagle title by ‘Rzeczpospolita ‘ in the ‘Best production company’ category.


The 500 List is the only comprehensive ranking of achievements of the biggest companies that represent Polish economy. The analysis of a broad spectrum of financial data depicts their development, state and the competitive  position. The award in the ranking is given to representatives of companies that, in the passing year, have stood out for exceptional results and dynamic development.

Drutex, once again in a row, recorded an increase in the prestigious ranking of the fastest and the most dynamic companies in the 500 List that includes the biggest Polish companies. The company’s position increased dramatically by 38 points compared to the previous year, and it reached the 363th place.

The contest jury appreciated the great results and condition of the company and they awarded Drutex as the only company in the 500 ranking, in export category, therefore emphasizing the company dynamic development and efficiency in building the competitive advantage  in the global market. Drutex is the European leader in the production of vertical windows, and export constitutes already 73% of the total sales volume. The company exports its products to most European countries, as well as the USA, Mexico, Australia and the Near East.  The most important Drutex foreign markets are: Germany, France and Italy, where the company has been strengthening its position and brand awareness for years. What confirms the company international success, apart from the growing market share in various countries, is also an increase in brand recognition reflected in prestigious awards that the company has won abroad.

 „The prestigious ‘Rzeczpospolita’ award that we have received confirms the strategy consistency of strengthening our leading position on the window and door woodwork market. The best evidence for the company success is the results that we  achieved in 2016, showing clearly that the implementation of policy based on investment, cutting-edge technology, comprehensive portfolio and financial stability is an effective and


proper development direction. The company is dynamically strengthening its  market position in Poland and abroad, gaining appreciation from Clients worldwide and promoting Polish windows and doors abroad as products that represent high quality and technological advancement. This is our biggest success’’ – says Leszek Gierszewski, the president of Drutex S.A.

An important award in this year the 500 List ranking is also Drutex nomination for the Polish champion title, that is the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ Eagle in the ‘Best production company’ category. The company is in the shortlist of the five companies nominated for this prestigious title among all the hundreds of enterprises. The ‘Rzeczpospolita’ Eagle statuette, that has been awarded since 2001, is given to companies basing on indicators which reflect the company effectiveness, its stability and development potential. The competition jury selects among companies that were classified by ‘Rzeczpospolita’ in the prestigious 500 List ranking of the Biggest Polish Companies. As a result of consistency in operations, continuous investment in production capacity, the scientific and technological facilities, the human capital and product innovation, Drutex has been strengthening its position among Polish business leaders for years. Each year the company increases the development dynamics, revenues and it improves its financial results, which allows to confirm the strength and stability on the market – an important advantage that determines Drutex market success in Poland and abroad.

It is the 19th time that the 500 List has presented a ranking of the biggest and most dynamically developing Polish companies.

The award ceremony took place on 26 April in Warsaw. 

Innovative technology in Drutex windows
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