Drutex S.A. automizes with FIMTEC-POLSKA.


The producer, based in Bytów, has invested in cutting-edge solutions provided by FIMTEC-POLSKA and manufactured by GRAF – SYNERGY in Modena Motor Valley in Italy.

Drutex S.A. currently employs 3400 workers who manufacture up to 7000 windows a day on an area covering almost 100 thousand square meters. The produces from Bytów has his own profile extrusion, manufacturing of composite glass and original systems of roller shutters, which ensures high quality and innovative solutions. The company has always focused on independence in production and technological advancement. It owns dozens of patents, certificates and technical attestations, and its own R&D department carries out innovative ideas that respond to Clients’ growing expectations in smart woodwork. Drutex is the first one to have showcased the prototype of Smart Window that replaces a TV-set or a tablet.

Innovation and automation of production processes are inherent in the company policy. Each year Drutex allocates dozens of millions of PLN to investment and production facilities, top quality and innovation in production. In the last 5 years Drutex has allocated to investment on average 60 million PLN a year, this year it has already amounted to over 70 million PLN.

Only recently has the company purchased 6 cutting and machining centers FAB CUT 3B, connected with the dynamic loading bars with the ASG-E module that automatically screws and machines steel (handles, dowels).

„16 robots for shape joining of profiles SL4 – FF EVO, including 14 items for machining window profiles, and 2 items for special production (doors, HS). The technological advancement and reliability of the equipment guarantee satisfaction of the company and the end customer with product’s high quality” – says Rafał Czerwiński, technical and sales consultant at Fimtec-Polska.

The above mentioned set of machines is being successively delivered, and the first EVO models were launched in Drutex in summer 2018 and they have been operating in a three shifts, producing top-quality woodwork for clients all over the world. Currently, ten SL4 – FF EVO  model machines operate in a continuous mode. The launch of other machines, such as robots and machining centers, has been planned for the nearest weeks, in order to minimize downtime connected with implementation of production machines in the middle of the season.

„The trademark of Drutex brand has always been professionalism, high quality and innovation. We have been developing organically for almost 35 years. During three decades we have managed to create a company that is a benchmark on the global woodwork market, which is a serious commitment. We are a company with tradition and experience, and the increasing client base all over the world is our best signature. The cutting-edge technological facility is the foundation of our dynamic development. We always select top-shelf partners and technologies. SL4 – FF EVO machines, that ensure seamless joints technology, are becoming the market standard, and we always keep up with Clients’ expectations ” – adds Leszek Gierszewski,  DRUTEX SA founder and president.





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