Drutex launches a new roller shutters system


Drutex’ offer includes a wide range of external roller shutters. At the beginning of November the company launches the brand new system with an EPS box. This cutting-edge product stands out for better thermal and sound insulation and it allows to obtain a higher class of burglary protection.

Regardless of the technological advancement of our products, we constantly  work on new solutions that improve them, which allows to strengthen the company market position. Window roller shutters have been a part of our offer since 1997, and the variety of the produced systems enables to install them both in existing building as well as buildings under construction. The new system with the EPS box responds to Clients’ expectations all over the world when it comes to i.a. optimization of thermal and sound insulation - said Mirosław Furtan, production director at Drutex S.A.

The application of roller shutters significantly enhances sound insulation, creating an extra barrier for external noise. According to Drutex data, it is possible to make the room more silent even by 4-5 dB with the installation of external mounted or embedded roller shutters with an aluminum box on standard PVC windows. Whereas the new system of roller shutters with a Styrofoam box  stands out for even better parameters in this regard. The box itself as a standard ensures sound-proofing at 45 dB.

Thermal insulation ensured by all systems of Drutex roller shutters is also of high importance. Thanks to their application heating costs decrease. Drutex data shows that thermal transmittance of a window with closed roller shutter is 0,75, whereas the Uw parameters of the same window without roller shutter are 0,99*.

However, there is more to this new product than just  thermal and sound insulation. The new system of roller shutters allows to obtain RC2 class burglary protection, and the possibility to combine them with external alarm systems additionally increases safety level.  

The new Drutex product has additional advantages which are particularly evident at the design and construction stage, that is, it facilitates plastering and façade treatment.

The system is perfectly developed in every respect. It has large diameter of the curtain chamber – diameter of 205mm ( roller shutters by competition have only 180 mm), which allows to execute roller shutters that may be installed in bigger window openings than before. It is in line with current architectural trends that favor tall windows in buildings.       
The product enables to adjust the box depth to the thickness of the wall. The offer includes boxes of 260, 300, 365 and 420 mm. As a result, the system is also perfect for international markets where various construction standards are applied, depending on the project.

We are one of few companies on the market that produce roller shutter from A to Z. it constitutes the best recommendation for our products and it confirms top quality. With regard to the new system of external roller shutters we aimed at responding to expectations of even the most demanding Drutex clients.  It was devised in order to give wider installation options and to enhance parameters of energy efficiency and sound insulation in the house – adds M. Furtan.

Sales of Drutex external roller shutter increase each year. The new system will be available since the beginning of November.

*for IGLO 5 window of  1500 mm x 1500 mm.







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