DRUTEX invests in production automation!


DRUTEX has been strengthening its market position for years by investing in modern technology and in advanced production solutions. A professional, fully automatic robot for PVC woodwork treatment has been operating in the company since December 2016. The modern equipment is the fruit of the work of Drutex own R&D department, its original concept and technical know-how. 

With the company dynamic development, investment in product portfolio and in woodwork quality, Drutex for months has been working on developing innovative technology that will ensure even higher precision and optimization of production processes. The first robot, that appeared in the company at the end 2016, has been used for broadly defined treatment of window and door woodwork.   

The creation of the fully automatized production line based on the application of the robot is a milestone in the company development and it allows to increase manufacturing precision, it improves production repeatability and increases  speed and efficiency of operations, which enhances the company’s main competitive advantage 

Thanks to the mobility and the compact size of the robot, it may be also applied in other working points in the factory. At the same time, the robot software, which is the result of own R&D department and Drutex’ original solution from A to Z, is highly intuitive and allows to develop and adapt the structure functions to new requirements. 

„Innovativeness is an important factor in Drutex development. We have always invested in advanced technological solutions and we have worked on perfecting our products. I am proud that we have been able to create our own, fully automated working point  applying a robot which will allow to streamline production processes, and, above all, further investment in the quality of our woodwork. It has been designed by our company from the concept to the finished project. Therefore, it is tailor-made for our needs and it responds to our expectations regarding modern and precise woodwork. It is also a great way for us to optimize and to streamline production processes that enable us to compete on global scale. Being the trendsetter and leading producer  in Europe constitutes a serious challenge that we have to face every day, and robotization will come in handy’’ – says  Mirosław Furtan, the general manager at Drutex S.A.

Drutex is lining up the use of even more robots and it is already working on further, innovative ideas that will constitute an important element of automation of production processes on the company. 

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