External roller shutters – a way to keep warm

If you are looking for solutions to increase thermal insulation in your house or flat, external roller shutters are a good solution. 

Most of us see external roller shutters as a way to enhance safety and as protection against potential burglaries. However, roller shutters have much wider applications, and various installation options make them more and more popular.

Thermal protection

Roller shutters play an important role in thermal insulation which significantly increases quality of life in the house or in the flat. With the installation and usage of roller shutters, heating bills decrease in winter because the building has an extra protection against heat loss. According to data from Drutex Center for Research and Development, thermal transmittance of the window without the roller shutter is 0,99 W/(m2K), whereas Uw parameter of the same window with roller shutters pulled drops to the level of 0,75 W/(m2K)*.

Decreasing heating bills

External roller shutters constitute the perfect barrier against cold air flowing into the room. With installation of roller shutters we decrease energy consumption that we use for heating. Hot air cumulates it the space between the glass and the shutter, constituting an extra buffer that decreases cold air infiltration inside and heat escape outside. What improves energy savings and increases thermal insulation properties is the slats filled with polyurethane foam.

What shutters to choose?

It is worth opting for windows with roller shutter or just roller shutters from a tried and tested producer, since very often experience is coupled with innovation and quality of products. As a result, the roller shutters will serve us for years.

Drutex offer includes systems of external roller shutters made of PVC, as well as aluminum, which may be installed both on new buildings and existing ones. The system of  top-mounted PVC shutters is integrated with the window and it may be applied during the construction of the house or when changing windows. Wide color range of the PVC boxes and guides as well as aluminum armors and the variety of steering and security systems fulfill the requirements of clients and enable different design possibilities.

The system of external aluminum shutters is dedicated for the existing buildings or those under construction. It is placed in the specially insulated box above the window hole, perfectly matching the style of the building. It contains the movable shutter armor, made of aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam. The box and the roller shutter come in hundreds of RAL colors. 

„Our products respond to continuously growing Clients’ expectations. They are modern, functional and reliable. Our offer includes PVC and aluminum roller shutters that the Client may select in line with their needs. The   smart structure of the roller shutter is combined with elegant case and guide. The armor of the shutter is built of aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam, which guarantees even better thermal insulation. The wide range of armor and slat colors enables us to match the shutter to any color and style of the building”- says Mirosław Furtan, Production Director in DRUTEX S.A.  

Roller shutters and anti-noise protection

More and more often clients decide to buy roller shutters in order to maintain privacy and for noise protection. The application of roller shutters significantly increases sound insulation, separating from external noise. With the installation of external roller shutters on standard PVC windows, you may soundproof the room by up to 4-5 dB. External roller shutters also have the possibility to install a mosquito net, ensuring perfect and highly efficient protection against insects.

Drutex offers the possibility to equip roller shutters with a control system with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone, which increases usage comfort, also when we are out. Thanks to that we may set the time of pulling up and closing roller shutters and control their position anytime and everywhere. The system may be integrated with other home devices that function in the same technology, e.g. controlling the heating system. 



* - for Iglo 5 window of 1500 for 1500 mm

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