Evaluation of windows in the property we want to buy

When deciding to purchase a house or a flat it is worth checking the quality of the installed windows. What matters is not just thermal insulation, but also the quality of materials and the producer’s reputation. 

Windows constitute one of the most important elements of every house. Therefore, when deciding to buy a property, both on the secondary or primary market, we should assess the window woodwork. We need to remember the two fundamental rules: the window has to be aesthetic, but more importantly, it should protect our flat against external factors. That is why we should check the parameters. What should we ask the seller or the developer before making the final decision? 

Ask about the producer

In window evaluation in the property we should ask about their producer. The key is its reputation, as well as experience in window production. In PVC windows another important factor is whether the company produces the profiles by itself and  what class they are made in. We need to ask about certificates and attestations, as well as technical approvals that confirm the parameters declared by the producer are accurate.  Such information is included in the building’s energy performance certificate, and we should obtain in from every apartment or house seller on primary market. 

- Our company has been operating on the market for ca. 35 years and currently we are a strong brand in Poland and abroad. We are a producer of top-quality woodwork – we manufacture windows from A to Z. Since 1994 we have produced composite glass by ourselves, and in 2007 we launched the production of own PVC profiles. They are all made of primary material, in top A class. It allows us to maintain the highest quality of our windows, which guarantees not only the expected parameters in energy efficiency but also long life – said Mirosław Furtan, production director at Drutex S.A. 

How many chambers have our glass packages

It is necessary to check the number of chambers in our glass packages in the windows installed in the flat that we are interested in. if we are going to buy a flat from the developer we may ask about it at the  early stage of the project. If we are buying a second-hand property, we may check it ourselves. It is important due to the fact that the number of chambers has significant influence on energy efficiency and it minimizes heat loss in the flat. Badly sealed windows may lead to even 35 percent energy loss*, which brings about significantly higher heating bills. The more chambers the glass package consists of, the lower heating costs of the property in the heating season. 

Evaluating technical issues

Let’s take a close look at the window installation. We should use the level and check thoroughly if the window keeps the horizontal and vertical. When buying a flat on the secondary market it is also necessary to verify the condition of gaskets in the window. Drutex applies the innovative seal system made of EPDM in its windows which bases on natural India rubber. This kind of seal is perfect for changeable weather conditions ensuring durability and high quality in the long run. In PVC windows it is also worth checking the condition of the foil – if it sticks well and if it keeps the color. 

What fittings were applied?

Branded fittings improve functionality, safety and tightness of window woodwork, which is particularly important in winter. DRUTEX products are equipped with Maco Multi Matic KS fittings which have two anti-theft hooks and lifting mishandling device. Such a structure constitutes a burglary protection increasing safety level. What is more, the window is equipped with a sash lifter which facilitates closing. 

When visiting a flat or a house we are interested in, we should perform technical evaluation of the windows. It is worth checking if they work perfectly and, above all, if there is no problem opening and closing them. 



* Data of the Polish National Energy Conservation Agency  

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