Easy ways to enlarge the flat optically

Bedsits and small, compact flats require a lot of ideas and designing skills to furnish the little space in a functional and aesthetic way. We all want the flat to be  cozy, beautiful and to provide space with many possibilities, since each centimeter counts in such a place. 


Use the flat space wisely

It is enough to apply a few smart architectural tricks in order to enjoy comfortable, user-friendly space that may offer  room for sleeping, for work,  a kitchenette and a bathroom. The ground rule is: the less furniture, knick-knacks and colors, the more spacious it seems. If possible, it is a good idea to combine adjacent spaces, e.g. the kitchen and the living room. It is not necessary to knock down all the wall, it is enough to keep a part of it, leaving a partition that will serve as a counter. It is a very simple way to obtain extra space and to let daylight into previously closed rooms. A good solution in small spaces is also the application of fronts with glazing or their complete removal. We may also apply sliding doors or simple curtains to divide the flat.


Color matters!

It turns out that the quickest and simplest way to cope with little space is coloring. It is worth opting for light, cool colors, and also the ones that reflect light. White, grey and beige colors will work perfectly. It is also a good idea to apply pastel colors that, due to their lightness, will give the interior beautiful character, and they will not make the room smaller. Such colors enable to create a feeling of space. Combined with mirrors, the rooms will gain a breath of air. Rather than hanging the mirror in the bathroom or the closet, it is more reasonable to place it on the wall in the living room. As a result the room will seem much bigger. All types of glass elements in the flat will add charm and extra space. 


Big windows in small spaces

Current architectural requirements and Clients’ expectations regarding furnishing various types of interiors influence the development of window and door market. Today,  reliable producers offer a range of windows that work out perfectly in smaller spaces or places where tall and very narrow windows were applied before.  In such a case the best solution is the installation of windows that stand out for narrow sash that guarantee more daylight in the room. It is widely known that sunlight is not just extra good energy that affects our feeling, but also an investment so that the room will ‘gain’ extra space. Drutex, which offers Iglo Light window awarded the prestigious Plus X Award for quality, design and functionality, enables Clients to arrange the space individually. The window elegant design expressed in the slender profile lines, combined with rich color range, is a perfect solution for small flats.


Slide solutions

Each year big patio systems are gaining popularity. People who can afford to install large sliding doors will easily create a feeling of bigger space. Slide and lift and slide solutions is a perfect alternative to traditional patio doors. They may also constitute a perfect solution for investors who dream of a winter garden or a sun porch. Those who have a house and still lack space should opt for the tested systems, e.g. Iglo HS from Drutex. Unlike traditional patio doors, the sash of the Iglo-HS system does not take up extra space, which significantly facilitates the interior arrangement. What is more, the room with a system that ensures virtually completely glazed exit to the terrace gains extra space immediately.


Taylor-made furniture        

Small space should be used very wisely. It is best not to cram the flat with unnecessary brick-a-brac or heavy, random furniture. Smart space management is highly important in case of small area, where tailor-made furniture will  work out perfectly. It allows to take advantage of each recess. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. You may apply a number of systems already existing on the market, such as a platform with work station with the bed sliding out of it, or a piece of furniture that turns into a desk or a bed. Such multi-function furniture will definitely save space, and  will allow to create a cozy space for work and relax. 

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