The right windows – a way to save money in winter

Untight windows may lead to even 30% energy loss, and as a result, much higher heating bills during the heating season.  Since  we are facing bigger and bigger problems with smog, tight windows are not just the matter of savings, but also health. We wish to give you some tips on what to take into account when choosing windows in order to enjoy comfort  at home, as well as lower bills and clean air.

Good gaskets is the key

Window tightness is determined by air permeability class, indicated in the description of the characteristics. Such good parameters were achieved thanks to the optimum profile structure and the innovative seal where we applied seals made of EPDM foam basing on natural rubber. Such gaskets have great resistance to changeable weather conditions, e.g. rain, freeze and heat, ensuring durability in very wide temperature range from -40 to over 100 degrees Celsius.

 Heat transmittance coefficient

Their level depends on heat transmittance through the glass and the frame and on their  total surface. The lower Uw coefficient, the less heat will be transmitted through the window. An example of windows with minimum transmittance is Drutex Iglo series, where this coefficient may be just 0,6 W/(m2K),  level depending on the size of the window. Drutex Iglo windows are equipped with glass packages with low-emission coating, which enhances their energy efficiency.

Take care of solid fittings

The proper thermal regulation depends also on fittings. You should choose windows where fittings have been equipped with micro ventilation in the slot. It means that in winter we do not have to open the window in order to ensure air flow into the room, which also allows to minimize infiltration of dirty dust. This solution also reduces heat loss that results from air exchange.

Do you want to save? Get roller shutters 

In order to avoid heat loss during the heating season it is recommended to install external roller shutters that constitute an extra barrier against low temperature. Hot air cumulates it the space between the glass and the shutter, constituting an extra buffer that decreases cold air infiltration inside and heat escape outside. When planning installation of roller shutters it is wort choosing them from a tried and tested producer, made from high-quality materials. You may also invest in roller shutters controlled with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone, which increases usage comfort.

Home automation

Efficient management of heat at home during the heating season requires consistency in following the rules of energy efficiency. If we close and cover windows in one of the rooms, and we leave them open in another one, heat will escape anyway, which will affect the bills. Especially in a big house we do not control the position of the window or roller shutters in a particular moment, therefore, it is worth considering automation of the process. It may be done by installing woodwork equipped with the TaHoma Somfy system which enables to control windows, doors and shutters with a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. As a result, we are able to program the opening and closing time as well as to control the current position of shutters or windows  remotely. The system may also be integrated with other equipment that functions in io-homecontrol technology.

Windows are one of the most important elements at home since after installation we use them for several years. Therefore, it is worth investing a significant amount of money in solid, energy efficient and tight models, bearing in mind future savings as well as health and comfort of the family in winter.   

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