Revolution by DRUTEX. Window instead of tablet or TV.


Drutex developed the conceptual design of an innovative product, SmartWindow. The new interactive window displays various types of media content and is a revolution in the global window and door market. Apart from its standard functions, the company’s first smart window makes it possible to watch TV, browse the Internet, and use a capacitive panel. With this innovative solution, Drutex follows a global trend towards the Internet of Things.


For years Drutex has been a trendsetter, offering modern, energy-efficient and functional woodwork to its customers all over the world. Thanks to the operations of its in-house R&D unit, the company regularly surprises the market with new ideas. But Drutex’s latest development is one of the most significant innovations in the company’s history. Because of this development, a window will no longer be perceived merely as construction material or an element of decoration. It will also become a working tool and a personal assistant.


The innovative multimedia product features an interactive window and a control unit used to control the device and interact with users via a number of interfaces. Its LCD matrix is enclosed in a glass pane, protecting the display from external factors. The window features a low-power ARM processor and interfaces for wireless communications based on the latest standards, such as WIFI (802.11n), Bluetooth (4.1) and Bluetooth Low Energy.


A pen drive or a portable drive with various media content can be connected to the window, as well as a keyboard and a mouse. Using your home computer network, the window can access the Internet, thus providing you with completely new window functionalities. As of today, watching YouTube clips and photo galleries or viewing information in the popular Internet channels during everyday activities like cooking, or browsing emails and watching your favourite programmes and series on the window (!) has become reality. Drutex has created a window which incorporates the functions of a TV, a tablet and a working tool. It also has virtual sun protection blinds or awnings, which help you dim the light in the room for even more comfort.


The SmartWindow by Drutex perfectly meshes with the concept of smart construction, which is spreading around the world. The revolutionary window is compatible with other IoT household systems and devices. A few months ago, Drutex provided its customers with the possibility to install smart systems enabling them to remotely control woodwork items. This was just the first step towards Drutex’s innovative technologies, and the new product integrates well with the currently-offered Thaoma or Maco smart-home products, as their control panel may be displayed directly on the window. Thanks to this, the customer does not need any additional devices to control these house systems, and takes full control over house access and family safety. Additionally, the solution gives you better time and house space management capabilities.


“In brief, SmartWindow by Drutex is a world-class revolution. We have been working on this intelligent system for many months. And our engineers, together with the R&D department and technologists, have developed technology, which – until only recently – we could only dream about. Our intention was to develop a product which would meet the needs of the present-day customer, who is keener on using modern Internet tools, who is mobile and seeks simple and highly functional solutions. Our window offers a range of possibilities for the home, work and the office. The latest innovation is not only part of a global trend, but extends the portfolio of intelligent solutions end-users have been offered so far. And this is just the beginning of what we have prepared for our customers. It will not be long before we present some other innovative system,” says Leszek Gierszewski, President of DRUTEX S.A.


SmartWindow by Drutex is available in all Drutex technologies: PVC, aluminium, wooden and wooden-aluminium systems. At the same time, all existing features and specifications of Drutex products are not affected. The woodwork will continue to offer energy-efficient properties, safety functions and modern design. The additional functionality adds a competitive advantage to the new product.


Currently, Drutex is conducting intensive research to improve the solution in a few areas, thanks to which the use of intelligent household devices will be even easier and more comfortable.


SmartWindow by Drutex is at present a concept version, but will go into mass production in the nearest future.



To see the possibilities offered by SmartWindow by Drutex, click on the following link: link


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