DRUTEX has introduced smart solutions that allow to control window and door woodwork at home using a smartphone, a tablet or a remote control, and to integrate them fully with the alarm system in the room. The breakthrough systems of opening, closing and tilting the windows, doors and roller shutters, improve comfort and usage functionality, in line with the growing trend of smart building.

Thanks to smart home we do not need to worry about the house comfort, functionality, energy efficiency or even safety of the family. Already ca. one out of five Poles is using smart solution in their house.*


 Full automation for your house!

Automation applied in DRUTEX products allows to adapt all devices in the house to our needs, and, at the same time, it ensures outstandingly easy and pleasant usage.  Windows, doors and roller shutters that may tilt, open and close by themselves at selected time of the day, or tilt or slide in integrated groups or individually thanks to the modern system of smart solutions, give us full control over our house, even when we are out.  We get constant supervision via the phone, and, if necessary, access to systems installed at home at all times. According to the established timetable, the window tilts and closes at specific times, and in combination with the sensor system you can also program ‘automatic ventilation’ depending on the weather.

Daily usage is substantially facilitated because the applied  TaHoma or Maco system allows to control the window operations with a remote control or electronic devices with iOS or Android. Importantly, both systems may be compatible with systems of access control, which improves home safety and usage comfort of the woodwork.


With Tahoma solutions, the system may also inform about temperature or wind force using the built-in weather station. Therefore, when going out it is safe to leave the window in tilt position, since it will close when it starts raining unexpectedly. Automatic closing that protects the room against flooding is an example of smart reaction to changeable weather conditions.  Windows with Tahoma solutions may also be integrated with other systems such as lighting, air-conditioning, ventilation or heating, which improves usage in full comfort.


Comfortable and automatic home ventilation for safety of the family!

DRUTEX offer also includes windows equipped with innovative activPilot Comfort PADM fitting by Winkhaus that offers new possibilities when it comes to flat or house ventilation. Air exchange occurs through a 6-milimeter slot between the sash and the frame along the whole window perimeter. It is enough to ensure constant flow of fresh air which contributes to healthy environment in the room and prevents walls from moisture. Thanks to the outstanding fitting structure, during ventilation the sash is safely locked. Noise and insects are kept away from the room, and energy loss is minimized. The  electric-powered activPilot Comfort PADM fitting enables to open and close the window automatically, and ventilation occurs in programmed cycles or by pushing a button on the touch panel or a remote control. Importantly, this solution may constitute an element of the whole integrated system of the smart home.




Automatic control of entrance door means safety for everybody!  

DRUTEX also offers wide possibilities of smart door control. Opening or closing the door is possible i.a. thanks to the application of fully automatic espagnolette. The magnet mounted on the hook locks the door by itself after closing it, improving comfort and usage safety. The system obviously may be integrated with an engine and with the access control system based on fingerprints, a tablet etc. depending on the users’ needs and preferences. Such systems are available also for PVC, aluminum and wooden doors.


„DRUTEX, with the capacity to manufacture 7000 windows a day, is today the leading producer of vertical windows in Europe. We have been setting standards in window and door woodwork industry for years, and we are one of few producers to manufacture windows from A to Z, that is from powder, through own window profiles, composite glass and finally windows or doors. As a result, all the solutions we offer are our own, original systems in 100%, created entirely by our own R and D department and design office. Therefore, we are very flexible and we offer products that respond to market needs. The same applies to smart solutions in our windows, doors and roller shutters. The idea of smart solutions is gaining importance, and our recent proposal are an answer to Clients who look for innovative and comfortable systems. „ – said Leszek Gierszewski, the founder and president of  Drutex S.A.



Smart systems that DRUTEX has introduced in the offer apply to windows, doors and roller shutters, as well as Iglo-HS balcony and terrace systems that may also be controlled by a remote, a tablet or a smartphone. For the trendy lift and slide walls, smart solutions gain particular importance and are very popular with Clients. Iglo-HS with the automatic control has been very successful not only in Poland, but also abroad. In this case comfort and functionality are a priority, and the growing interest in such systems confirms quality of DRUTEX products.


Windows, door and roller shutters with smart control have been in DRUTEX offer since June this year.



*according to Somfy data

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