DRUTEX refreshes its image and presents a new logo

DRUTEX, the leading producer of vertical windows in Europe, is currently refreshing its company image by introducing a new visual identity. Marking the 30th anniversary of the company’s founding, this rebranding is part of a larger strategy to enhance the company’s global image. The new brand concept is an expression of the changes that have taken place in the company in recent years. The company’s new visual identity will be introduced along with the new slogan “Engineered for you”, which is meant to reflect the company’s global aspirations and its market position.
Drutex has always been known as a strong, reliable company that invests in its own growth. Over the course of its thirty-plus year history, the company has become known as a leader in the Polish window and door frame market and now sets the standard for modern window and door solutions in Europe. In recent years, the company has also made significant investments in its global brand awareness and recognition, becoming synonymous with a modern and well-managed company dedicated to meeting client needs. The company’s comprehensive product line, diversity of window and door systems, effective service and customized solutions adapted to the requirements of individual markets and clients are only some of the chief assets underscoring the company’s operational strategy.  This image change and rebranding are meant to emphasize these aspects.
The new Drutex logo gives a nod to the company’s logo that had been in place since 1994. The new symbol is not only more elegant and modern, but also simpler and easier to read. The icon makes use of the structure of the letter D, taken from the brand’s name.  The space inside the letter references the shape of a window frame. The perspective of the opening in the icon adds movement to the logo and (in the horizontal version) leads the viewer’s eye to continue reading in that direction. This movement from left to right is natural for most people, and in the long term will make it easier to accept the company’s rebranding. The yellow accent references the company’s previous visual identity, while the dominant black underscores Drutex’s market position and value. Black is also meant to emphasize the idea of window creation. The company has always focused on its individual style, innovativeness and elegance. Thanks to the combination of a new colour (black) with the previous yellow colour, the logo reflects the brand’s evolution, but above all its combination of progress with a tradition of experience.  
“The new Drutex logo symbolizes our diverse product range while referring to a new beginning and the company’s legacy. It is meant to emphasize the company’s achievements, but also its direction for the future: modernity and growth. The new logo design is a better reflection of our brand’s character. It is a consistent expression of the quality promise we make to our clients. Drutex is one of the most innovative and best-recognized brands in its field in Europe. That’s why we focus on the best parts of our history in our new visual identity, aiming to combine these values with modernity and dynamism, in line with the image of an innovative market leader,” explains Leszek Gierszewski, President of DRUTEX S.A.
The new logo and visual identity appear hand in hand with a new marketing slogan for the company. The previous slogan, “Drutex: The Best Windows” has been replaced with the tagline “Drutex: Engineered for You”. This new slogan is a more direct and clearer communication of the company’s mission, which is based on providing clients with modern, technologically advanced products that are also “made to order” and completely designed with the individual needs of clients around the world in mind.
“We would like this short slogan to appear in English in both the Polish and foreign markets, which is quite a popular practice today for brands operating in most global markets and for companies with worldwide aspirations. The motto reflects our policy of creating fully individualized products. Our products are created based on individual client orders and are limited only by their imagination. Our advantage lies in our technology and individual approach to the client. The new slogan aims to emphasize this philosophy even more clearly,” adds President Leszek Gierszewski.
The new logo can be used either with or without the tagline “Engineered for you”. The icon itself will appear as a stand-alone company logo. This new marketing and identification system will be introduced in successive stages in the company’s print materials and in all media used up to this point. Drutex will also gradually introduce this forward-looking, elegant and global brand image to its network of business partners around the world. The old logo will still appear in some materials until supplies run out. As for company partner locations, a transition period for changing the logo will be set for around two years.
The new logo will be introduced along with a marketing campaign both in Poland and abroad. The aim of the campaign will be not only to highlight the changes to the company’s image and identity, but also to communicate the individualized, cutting-edge products built for each client and according to his or her preferences and vision.
This marketing campaign is planned for the first quarter of 2017.
Drutex advances in Rzeczpospolita daily 2000 List.
DRUTEX partnerem koncertu „Gintrowski – a jednak coś po nas zostanie”

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