Leszek Gierszewski the winner of the „European Leadership Awards”


The president and founder of  Bytow DRUTEX has been awarded the title in the Visionary Entrepreneur category in the eighth edition of the prestigious „European Leadership Awards”.

The „European Leadership Awards” are given annually during the European Executive Forum – an event held by the Executive Club.  The organization consists of members of top management who represent the most important Polish and international companies.

The selection of the winners in each category is carried out by the jury who consists of the most eminent business and science personalities. It comprises the best Polish managers, rectors of economic universities and authorities in the field of enterprise.

During the big gala that took place on 8 July at the Warsaw Sheraton, the awards went to the best enterprises, outstanding managers and business leaders who implement cutting-edge technology and innovations, stand out for commitment to economic development of the country as well as particular attention to highest leadership standards.

Leszek Gierszewski, the founder and president of DRUTEX – the leading producer of window woodwork – received the award in the Visionary Entrepreneur category. The jury appreciated Leszek Gierszewski for his bold, efficient and systematic implementation of the development vision of an innovative, dynamic company that gains markets worldwide.

- Being among such prominent business personalities is a great honor for me. When I set up the company 35 years ago, building it from scratch, I  was dreaming about a modern, strong enterprise, hiring hundreds of workers. I had a vision and ambition. At the same time I have never bitten off more than I could chew.  I have been down-to-earth, I have built the company sensibly, stably and safely. It turned out that it made sense. I am proud to have created a company that hires a few thousand people, which is modern and financially sound, has strong foundation and great reputation. A company that is the showcase of Poland abroad. Anyway, I keep saying that we are just at the beginning of development. That the 35 years is just the start. The real boom is yet to come – says Leszek Gierszewski, the president and founder of DRUTEX. 

DRUTEX and its president have won hundreds of awards and distinctions, both in the trade and business. It proves the great strength of the brand, built consistently, on national and European scale. The most important awards include:  Client’s Gold Laurel, the Ambassador of the Polish Economy, the Pilar of the Polish Economy, the Leader of the Polish Business, Solid Company, Top Builder, the Forbes Diamond, European Medal,  Business Gazelles, EU Standards, Crystal Profile, Good Company, Green Brand or the Business Super Brand title.

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