DRUTEX among top private companies in Poland


DRUTEX is in the prestigious ranking of 100 Biggest Polish Private Companies, prepared by Forbes magazine. It is another distinction given to the Bytów company as an award for dynamic development.    

Forbes, for the seventh time, devised a list of top private companies that are the flagships of local entrepreneurship. DRUTEX was ranked 44th, and the creators of the ranking valued the company at 2.024 billion PLN.

We are absolutely delighted that DRUTEX is among the champions of Polish entrepreneurship. Thanks to our consistently executed strategy we have become a global brand. Top quality, innovation and unique solutions, combined with distinctive design make DRUTEX  a globally recognized brand. We still see potential for growth, and awards and prizes constitute an additional inspiration for further development. We don’t stop, we are ready to continue our growth – says Leszek Gierszewski, the CEO of DRUTEX SA.

DRUTEX, a company based 100 percent on Polish capital, has been on the path of dynamic development for years. Since the very beginning, the company has been managed by its owner and founder, Leszek Gierszewski. Under his direction DRUTEX has become one of European market leaders in window and door woodwork. Up to seven thousand windows a day are manufactured in halls covering over 11 hectares. Stylish windows, doors, roller shutters, blinds, facades and winter gardens are highly appreciated by clients in Poland, as well as other European countries, in North America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Export accounts for ca. 80 percent of company total sales.

„The company created by Leszek Gierszewski does not slow down. In 2021 it increased revenue by 34 percent year-to-year, up to 1.423 billion PLN. Gierszewski embarked on his adventure with business in 1985. The first PVC windows left DRUTEX factory in 1994’’ – informs Forbes when presenting the ranking of 100 Biggest Polish Private Companies.

A proof of recognition for the dynamic development and creating a global brand is the array of prestigious awards that DRUTEX obtained. The most important ones include i.a. :   Consumer Golden Laurel, Plus X Award , Ambassador of Polish Economy, Pilar of Polish Economy, Leader of Polish Business,  Solid Company, Top Builder, Forbes Diamond, European Medal, Business Gazelle, EU Standard, Cristal Profile,  Good Company, Green Brand, Golden Champion of the Year and  Business Superbrand title.

The Methodology of the 100 Biggest Polish Private Companies ranking.

The ranking is a list of 100 biggest Polish private companies. It was devised in cooperation with Haitong Bank and SSW Pragmatic Solution. It was assumed that a Polish company is an entity where the majority stake belongs to a Polish entrepreneur or a group of such people acting jointly. Such entities include also companies where the entrepreneur has  a minority stake, but he set up the company, manages it actively or controls it as a member of the Supervisory Board, and no foreign investor controls more than 50 percent of the stake. The position in the ranking was determined by the goodwill. For companies  unquoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, first  the company’s equity was calculated (basing on the valuation multiple in relation to operating profit, according to most up-to-date and available financial data). When possible, the ranking took into account the price at which the company obtained the last financing round, or at which M&A transaction was conducted. For companies quoted in the WSM the company’s equity equals market capitalization of 30.09.2021. Then the net debt was added and in this manner EV valuation was obtained.   


DRUTEX at the trade fair in Bologna
S90 and Z90 – novelties in DRUTEX offer

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