Drutex has launched the construction of one of the most cutting-edge office buildings in Poland


Drutex will invest over 50 million PLN in the modern office building. The investment, crucial due to the company’s dynamic development, is executed in Bytów, and the work will conclude in September 2021. It is in  a way a symbolic moment since in order to build the new office building it was necessary to demolish hall 1, where 26 years ago Drutex produced its first PVC windows.

The general contractor is a Poznań company PEKABEX. The useful floor area of the current office amounts to 2292 m2, and when the investment is completed it will increase by 4760 m2. What is more, two underground levels will offer parking space for the staff and guests (including bicycle parking facilities).

In order to execute the investment, hall 1 covering the useful floor area of 1117 m2 has been demolished, where in 1994 Drutex launched the production of PVC windows. Today the Bytów company is one of European leaders in the industry.

- Drutex is a global company which, apart from innovative and fully automated solutions in the production halls, wants to set trends in all dimensions of business. Expanding the office facilities is a natural stage in the company progress and it is the result of its dynamic development. The new building will comply with the most stringent ergonomics and safety requirements, while representing modern architecture and design. As a result, work comfort of our staff will increase significantly, and will also optimize operations efficiency and customer service – emphasizes Leszek Gierszewski, the president and founder of Drutex S.A.

After the investment has been completed, Drutex will gain modern office space and conference rooms on each above-ground storey. The building will feature i.a. a cafeteria, a canteen, buffet, kitchen and relax areas for the staff.

- We are delighted that such a renowned and reputable company has opted for our offer. We are convinced that the quality we have achieved will bring about top results during the construction in Bytów. With the president Leszek Gierszewski and his team we had important conversations regarding the expectations towards the contractor – current ones, as well as future. We believe that we are opening a new, valuable cooperation for both parties – said Adam Konieczny, Sales Director of the General Contracting Branch at Pekabex.

The office building is another big investment this year of the Bytów company. In August it informed about the launch of one of the most advanced powder paint shops in the world. The innovative technology allows to paint even 100 km of aluminum profiles a day. Before, in July 2020, Drutex was the first company in Poland to have installed innovative STRATO machines in its factory, allowing to expand the already impressive color range of the PVC window and door woodwork.

Not only does Drutex invest, but it also significantly increases employment, despite the global crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Just in the last few months the company has hired new staff in response to the growing demand for its window and door woodwork, and today it employs almost 4000 people in Bytów with the population of 17 thousand.




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