Drutex donates PLN 1 million and unites business in the fight against coronavirus


Leszek Gierszewski, the President and founder of Drutex S.A., initiates an action ‘ Helping. Together’ that aims at coordinating activities in the fight against the epidemic of CoVid19 virus. The Bytów company will donate PLN one million for hospitals, and it will encourage to unite in order to help and support the struggle with the epidemic.

- Donating money is one thing, but we can do more. We should unite our forces, the word solidarity gains new significance in the context that nobody would have expected. Hence, the idea to create a wider initiative ‘Helping. Together’ in order to coordinate all activities in the fight against the epidemic.  For now, we are focusing on actions supporting hospitals – places where the fight for human life will take place. Today, numerous companies are helping in many ways, offering financial and material aid, which confirms that in the country we have beautiful, healthy and responsible enterprises, ready to unite for  higher goals. – announces Leszek Gierszewski, the founder and president of Drutex and the Gierszewski Family Foundation.  

One of the biggest European window producers – the Bytów Drutex- will  finance the renovation of one hospital, and the equipment for other four hospitals in the Pomerania Voivodship.  The works, worth ca. PLN 0.5 million, will adapt three floors of the Pomerania Centre of Infectious Disease and Tuberculosis in Gdansk, to the need of patients with coronavirus and the hospital personnel. The remaining PLN 500 thousand will finanse  specialist hospital beds and cardiac monitors that will be allocated by the Management of Pomerania Hospitals to the Gdańsk center and the Navy Hospital in Gdynia, and specialist hospitals in Kościerzyna and Wejherowo, according to their needs.

- This is an emergency, therefore it requires special actions. I think that everybody should help as much as they can in this difficult situation. We have been supporting the local community for years so it was a natural decision to give aid to those who need it the most: the sick as well as institutions and the personnel who look after them – says Leszek Gierszewski, Drutex founder and president.

– We notice numerous companies in Poland who want to help, and we want to coordinate and facilitate contact of entrepreneurs and donors with institutions and people who need most such a support. We are sure that large private companies are ready to help healthcare facilities, victims of the epidemic and NGOs. That is why we are launching the action ‘Helping. Together’. We hope to mobilize everybody to take an action, and that it will give people hope and positive energy. – says Radosław Kwaśnicki, the coordinator of the ‘Helping. Together’ Action.

Drutex will be promoting this initiative on its Facebook profile and in the media. We will also create a HelpingTogether fan page dedicated to this action. It will cover all the philanthropists and the actions they have taken all over the country.



Leszek Gierszewski: this year we will easily exceed one bilion
Drutex supports hospitals.

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