Pre-Christmas window maintenance

Clean windows have some advantages: beauty and more light which is not covered by smudges or dirt. Pre-Christmas preparation should start with clearing up, including washing the windows and their proper maintenance before winter. Especially that maintaining the proper condition of woodwork is not complicated and it brings about numerous benefits – also financial ones.

If we want to prolong lifespan and good appearance of woodwork, it is not enough to keep windows clean. They should also be maintained properly. Such treatment includes maintenance of fittings and lubrication of hinges and ferrules. .

Cleanliness is the basis

Even the best windows, if they lack proper maintenance, with time may lose their properties. Therefore, it is important to care about each element. It is best to take a closer look at them during the cleaning. While cleaning, we need to take care of glass, as well as frames and handles. However, we should remember not to clean windows when it is too cold outside or when it is too sunny in order to avoid smudges. They are caused by cleaning products that dry too fast or freeze. When cleaning windows we need to apply the right products which do not contain solvents, abrasive or other chemical substances. Such products may damage windows. Therefore, the best solution is a  classic window cleaner or a popular dishwashing liquid.

Seal maintenance

In winter seals undergo the most difficult test. If they are damaged, we may be exposed to heat loss and window steaming. In winter seals are also exposed to all kinds of damage. Therefore, the proper maintenance is highly important. To this end, it is enough to apply on the seal the right protective product for weather conditions that prevents the seal from freezing to the profile in winter. Products based on silicon resin fulfill these requirements. If we do not have them, we may use technical Vaseline or silicone grease.

-Seals are the elements that determine the window’s energy efficiency. In DRUTEX products we use exclusively EPDM seal which is produced basing on natural rubber ensuring high durability and tightness. The main advantages of the seal are resistance to aging and changeable weather conditions, including low and high temperature. What is more, the seals are resistant to other weather conditions, such as: UV radiation, humidity, steam, heat, and they guarantee flexibility and long-lasting tightness with high temperature amplitudes (od -40 °C do +100 °C) – says Mirosław Furtan, production director at DRUTEX S.A.

Don’t forget the fittings

High-quality fittings are a guarantee of great functionality, as well as tightness of our windows in winter. Therefore, it is important to ensure their proper condition. Not only do fittings constitute safety, but they also improve also tightness which is particularly important in winter. However, even with the top-quality windows, time and temperature of cleaning is important. With low temperature water remaining on metal elements may deteriorate their condition in the future. 

When preparing windows for winter it is also important to check the windows’ technical condition. We need to test carefully if they work flawlessly, e.g. if there is no problem closing and opening them. The basic adjustment and fixing minor  irregularities may be carried out by oneself. If there are tightness problems, it is important to adjust the fittings according to the producer’s instructions. Moving components of fittings and places where they meet must be cleaned and lubricated with dedicated oil. For cleaning and maintenance of fittings we must only use dedicated products, ones that do not affect the anti-corrosion coating of the fittings.

- Our windows are equipped with high-quality Maco Multi Matic KS fittings which ensure top level of functionality and safety. The fittings also enable better ventilation thanks to the extra tilt position, serving as so-called  slot ventilation. The integrated micro-ventilation function enables the proper air circulation in the room, reducing heat loss in winter - adds Mirosław Furtan.

The right windows are effective in fighting smog
Energy efficiency starts with the glass.

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