Protecting windows against winter!

When winter comes, our woodwork is exposed to freezing temperatures and humidity. On the one hand, it is a real test for tightness (water-tightness, wind resistance and air-tightness), on the other hand, it is a great opportunity for us to evaluate the heat comfort provided by our windows, and to check if they really let us reduce heating bills.


Just like we prepare for winter – by changing the wardrobe, buying creams offering protection against low temperatures, making use of warm gloves and hats – we also have to consider preparing our windows for wintertime. A few simple tips will let us exploit their advantages and enjoy blissful peace.


Step 1: wash the windows

A perfect solution which prepares windows for winter time is the right maintenance. It does not require sophisticated methods or technological advancement. It is enough to wash the windows and thoroughly remove the dirt. Every housewife knows that clean windows bring about a lot of advantages: beauty, elegance and more light which is not obscured by smears and smudges. It is necessary to take care of glass panes, as well as frames and handles. However, it is not recommended to wash windows in low temperatures or very bright sunlight, since we will struggle with smudges.

We should use the right detergents to wash windows, especially those which do not contain solvents, polishing agents or corrosive chemicals. These detergents might damage the window. This is why the best solution is a simple glass cleaner or a common washing-up liquid.



Step 2: we check the seals

In wintertime, seals are the part of the window which is highly exposed to any damage. This is why the proper maintenance is important. It requires applying the right substance protecting against atmospheric factors and preventing the seals against freezing to the profiles

in winter. The bottom seals require most care since they are highly exposed to damage and dirt. Substances based on silicon resin fulfil best these conditions. We recommend technical petroleum jelly or silicon grease.


Seals are one of the window elements which determine its energy efficiency qualities. DRUTEX applies only EPDM sealing in its products. The properties of EPDM sealing, produced on the basis of rubber, unlike seals made of plastics(TPE), guarantee high durability and tightness.


The main advantage of EPDM seals is resistance to ageing and resistance to changing weather conditions, including low and high temperatures. The seals are weather-proof, resistant to UV, humidity, steam, heat etc., and they guarantee unsurpassed flexibility and long-lasting tightness, even in operating temperatures between -40 °C and +100 °C. They provide high tightness, even in the critical points, such as corners. This year we have been world-first to introduce foam EPDM sealing that guarantees even higher thermal insulation qualities, which is the perfect solution in wintertime and severe frosts – says Mirosław Furtan, Production Director in DRUTEX S.A.


Step 3: we take care of the fittings

While preparing the woodwork for wintertime it is very important to check the windows' technical properties. You need to make sure that windows work perfectly, i.e. if they open and close easily. Simple adjusting and correcting small abnormalities in the functioning of the fittings, is what we can do on our own. If there are any problems regarding tightness, it is important to adjust the fittings according to producer's instructions. The moving components and joining elements should be cleaned and then lubricated with the proper oil. For cleaning and care you need to use detergent solutions which do not damage the anti-corrosion coating of the fittings. And that would be it.

High-quality fittings are a guarantee for perfect functionality, but also window tightness in winter. This is why it is important to take proper care of the maintenance. Fittings provide not only tightness, but also safety which is vital in winter.

DRUTEX windows are equipped with high-quality Maco Multi Matic KS fittings which guarantee safety thanks to the position of tenons on the whole window perimeter preventing a burglary, and high functionality. Importantly, the fittings improve ventilation thanks to additional tilt position, serving as so called 'slot ventilation'. The micro ventilation function integrated with the shear, allows to place the handle in 45° angle. It facilitates the proper air circulation which is extremely important in winter when we want to avoid heat loss - adds Mirosław Furtan.


Windows are a vital element of our house – they are an investment in energy efficiency, safety and aesthetics. This is why we need to take care of them all year round. However, winter is especially demanding for our woodwork, and each home-owner should see to the proper technical condition of the windows, to ensure warmth and safety for the family.


Cheap heating in winter? Reduce your heating bills!

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