The President of Drutex- the Honorary Citizen of Bytów


Leszek Gierszewski, the president and founder of Drutex has become the Honorary Citizen of Bytów – the town where he was born and where he created one of Europe’s biggest companies in  window and door woodwork. The resolution has been passed at the City Council Session in Bytów on 16 September.

Leszek Gierszewski has received the title of the Honorary Citizen of Bytów as an entrepreneur, employer, philanthropist, social activist and promoter of the town. He was born in Bytów and he has been running here one of the biggest companies in the region – Drutex. 

- Bytów for me is a unique place in the world. I was born here, I grew up and I’ve decided to develop my company here. In Bytów I have found excellent, competent people, experts in their areas. Where Drutex is now is also down to my staff, and many of them are citizens of this town. The title I have been awarded constitutes an obligation to further develop the company and to support the local community. My dream has always been for Drutex to guarantee security and work comfort to all the employees, and to  make the citizens proud.  All my activities up to now haven’t been just a gesture of goodwill, but also my duty. I help because I feel I have to - said Leszek Gierszewski, the president and founder of Drutex SA.

The importance of Drutex for Bytów cannot be overestimated. The company currently employs over 3.8 thousand people. It is not just one of the biggest, but also the most valued employers in Pomerania. In the town of ca. 17 thousand inhabitants almost each family is connected with Drutex.

Thanks to  Leszek Gierszewski and the company that he created Bytów is among the fastest and best developing towns in Pomerania – wrote in the argumentation Jan Treder, the chairman of the Bytów City Council. 

Leszek Gierszewski set up Drutex 35 years ago. He invented and created the company from scratch. He has been leading it since the beginning, basing it on Polish capital. Nowadays, it is the tycoon on the European market of window woodwork producers. It delivers its products to all continents (apart from Antarctica), and its production halls have almost turned into another town on the outskirts of Bytów. Altogether it is over 11 ha indoors. The company is strongly involved in the life of the town, not only by offering stable employment, but also supporting hundreds of local initiatives for many years.

- Leszek Gierszewski is, above all, a Bytów citizen who has always identified with the town, has always been involved in Bytów development, has always promoted Bytów and has developed his company right here – a company that directly or indirectly sustains a large part of Bytów inhabitants. He is not just a businessman and the biggest employer in the region, but also a philanthropist whose actions are widely known, but still our knowledge is fragmented since his activity is often conducted incognito, quietly, without publicity – said Ryszard Sylka, the mayor of Bytów.

The title of the Honorary Citizen of Bytów will be presented to Leszek Gierszewski on 9 October.

The ‘Helping. Together’ action has been awarded in the ‘Benefactor of the Year’ programme.
DRUTEX the Champion of 2020

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