„Helping. Together”: 20 million in one month.


Over 20 million Polish zloty – this is the amount of aid we have obtained from companies all over Poland in the ‘Helping. Together’ action, launched by Leszek Gierszewski, the president and founder of Drutex. 

„Helping. Together” is an initiative that brings together entrepreneurs who are willing to help in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The action provides necessary financial support to i.a. healthcare facilities, people who have been affected by the pandemic and NGOs. Drutex initiated it in March by donating PLN one million for a renovation and equipping of four Pomerania hospitals. 

Today we already have dozens of companies on deck. In less than one month we have collected aid exceeding PLN 20 million! It is extremely gratifying and it fills us with pride that Polish entrepreneurs show so much solidarity, generosity and are ready to give selfless help in the face of danger – says dr. Radosław Kwaśnicki, general coordinator of the action.   

Heartfelt gesture

Drutex has already donated one a half million worth of aid.

- We are helping as a heartfelt gesture. A simple, human need to support those who are on the front line: doctors, nurses, paramedics, laboratory assistants and other health professionals. It is our duty. Only when working together, tapping into our experience in crisis management, as well our contacts and structures that we have been building for years as entrepreneurs, can we really improve the situation at healthcare facilities and enhance safety level of the staff. Those who risk their life for us every day - says Leszek Gierszewski the president of Drutex S.A. 

Respect for healthcare professionals and the urge to help them is also the main focus of the president of Posnet S.A. Robert Abramczuk. – This aid is an expression of our huge respect and admiration for people who help others on the front line in the war on coronavirus, risking their own life – he says. Posnet Polska S.A. allocated PLN one million to the purchase and transport to Poland 300 thousand protective masks, 10 thousand medical overalls, 10 thousand visors and 10 portable ventilators that were given to Warsaw, Tomaszów Lubelski, Puławy and Przemyśl. 

We want to show health professionals that they are not alone. With admiration and gratitude we observe their great dedication to the fight with the COVID-19 pandemic. We realize that in the nearest weeks their work will become even more difficult, but they will not be on their own – points out Andrzej Wodzyński, the owner and president of Tubądzin, who has already bought two ventilators for the Primate Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński District Hospital in Sieradz. Currently 30 thousand surgical masks and 20 thousand masks with FFP2 filters are waiting for transport and will be sent to healthcare facilities in the Lodz Voivodship.  

The aid goes where it is needed  

Budimex has donated PLN 1 million, LPP has bought and given protective equipment for over PLN one million. Pekabex has donated two thousand masks and overalls to hospitals all over Poland. Dr. Irena Eris has donated 30 thousand cosmetics that have been sent to 150 medical facilities. Somfy is supporting the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. Kęty Group, which includes i.a. Aluprof, allocated PLN 600 thousand to help local hospitals and  emergency medical services. Additionally they also donate protection measures (sanitizers, visors).

The list of donors is very long.

The action coordinators are in regular contact with hospitals, collecting information about what is lacking the most, what kind of help they need. As a result, the philanthropists know exactly what, where and when to donate. Help reaches the places where it is most needed. 

Up to now, the donors have given i.a. hundreds of thousands of medical and protective masks, hundreds of liters of gel and liquid hand sanitizers, surface disinfectants, visors and protective goggles, thousands of disposable gloves, overalls, gowns and overshoes. The hospitals also received specialized equipment and support in adopting the wards for the infected patients.

The 20 million is not all. Companies are still joining the action, although they themselves are facing difficulties – they are sparing no effort and means so that health professionals know they can count on full support of private entrepreneurs.  

Drutex supports hospitals.
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