Are you tired with sweltering heat? Think about roller shutters at home!


Poland has been dealing with a record-breaking heat wave for a couple of weeks. All those who are now on holidays take advantage of sunny weather and high temperatures exceeding even 30 degrees. Laying on the beach, grilling, relaxing in such a climate is like an unforgettable holiday adventure in Italy or the Côte d'Azur. However, as the Polish proverb says: “enough is as good as a feast”. A survey conducted among Poles shows that themost common side-effects of long-lasting high temperatures are feeling tired and people would love the climate is colder and rainy for a while again. This is how it is -  we enjoy as the days are sunny and warm and claim when it’s getting too hot as there’s no place to hide from the sun. It’s not nice when the sunlight enters the building through windows and leads to overheating in homes. How can we avoid it? The easiest way if to equip the windows in roller shutters, which protect from excessive sun exposure and guarantee comfort and pleasant climate at home.



Optimal temperatures at home

It is believed that recommended indoor temperatures are of 18°C – 21°C. However, it’s worth remembering that each room at home dependent on its role should have various temperature. The average temperature in living room should be 20-21°C, whereas in the bathroom it should be a bit warmer – ca. 22-24°C. In bedroom and kitchen it should be a bit colder. The optimal temperature  in the garage should be 6°C, and the utility room temperature should not be different than 12-14°C. The is one, important rule: difference between maximum and minimum temperature value at home ( rooms, kitchen) should not exceed 8°C. However, it’s not easy to maintain an optimal temperature in every room at home when it’s warm outside and there’s no air conditioning in the building, which is a standard situation in Poland.  It’s really difficult to avoid overheating, which influences our mood and temperament.

This is why it’s so important to consider the assembly of roller shutters, which protect home from the sun and overheating. They ensure the thermal comfort and effectively darken the room, which makes us feel comfortable and cool at home even if there are record-high temperatures outside.


Roller shutters are the best protection again high temperatures


Roller shutters block the warmth before it enters the house. They reduce energy consumption, which arise as a result of cooling the house with air conditioning or fans. The best effects can be obtained with the installation of aluminium shutters as they reduce the indoor temperature up to few degrees, even if there is a record-breaking heat outside. The best case study to confirm properties and advantages of the roller shutters in terms of overheating protection is their application in south Europe, where they keep gaining a growing popularity. Roller shutters darken rooms and ensure the pleasant cool inside the house, which is particularly important during summer time in bedrooms and living rooms. It’s also true that slightly parted shutters provide twilight, which not only offers a possibility to relax from the sun, but also ensures more privacy at home. Last but not the least,  shutters reduce the exposure to ultraviolet and visible light, which is harmful not only for people but also damages the interiors as causes the fading of furniture, colours or wallpapers.


Shutters are essential especially in sunny days. It is therefore very important to choose the shutters type properly. It’s worth buying the windows with shutters or the shutters only from a renowned and a high-quality company, which can prove its experience, innovative and modern woodwork. DRUTEX, the biggest producer of windows and doors in Europe, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, offers high-quality PVC an aluminium shutters, which can be mounted both in new buildings as well as in existing ones.


PVC roller shutters are integrated with the window and can be assembled during the construction of the building  or while the windows replacement. Wide colour range of the PVC boxes and guides as well as aluminum armours and the diversity of steering and security systems fulfill the requirements of clients and enable different design possibilities. Colours of the shutters can match the colour of the elevation, so that they create a nice and elegant style. Modern shutters offers high level of thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s also possible to order the shutter with integrated mosquito netting.


Aluminium shutters are dedicated for the existing buildings or those under construction, after the specially insulated box has been assembled in the lintel of the window hole. The shutter is made of aluminium only and available in a variety of RAL colours. The amour, made of aluminium profiles, filled with polyurethane foam, is folded to the box placed on the wall or in the reveal of the window. The box is than a decorative element and matches the design of the building. On request, the company offers also a mosquito netting integrated with the shutter.


„Shutters are a luxury products, especially in summer when we complain of high temperatures and would love to have a pleasant and cool air at home. Moreover, they darken the rooms, which is invaluable during hot days. Closed shutters play also different role, i.a. they reduce the noise from outside and are anexcellentbarrieragainst burglary. It’s worth remembering that shutters are also a nice decorative element as they are easy to match with the elevation colour and clients’ preferences. DRUTEX offers a wide range of colours of the amours, guides and boxes.” – says Adam Leik, marketing director at DRUTEX.



Innovative steering systems – it’s all so easy!


Large shutters are essential to shade down the windows or big glazing. The opening and closing of the rollers may seem to be toilsome, especially for woman, as it requires a lot of effort. Nothing could be more wrong. Functionality and comfort of usage is guaranteed by the electric power steering systems. Before assembly, it’s important to consider which solution is best for us. The steering module is also an intelligent way of temperature control at home when we are not inside. Time-driven programming of the system enables us to lift and close the shutters at any time, also when we are on holidays or shopping. In such cases, once we are back, there is always a nice temperature inside and we do not have to avoid the sunlight.


DRUTEX offers few comfortable ways of opening and closing the rollers- manuallyby using a belt pull, crank handle or a belt with a crank mechanism and automatically - steering with a remote, switch or a key. Definitely, the most convenient solution is RTS radio

steering. By this type of steering, it is possible to steer the rollers centrally or each one separately. Also, various groups can be created. For instance, when one prefers to steer the rollers on the eastern and western side of the building separately. It is also possible to steer from different points and change them according to one's preference. Moreover, one may also program the time for opening and closing the shutters, i.a. differently at every season or time of the day.”- adds Adam Leik.


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