Winter garden – how to take advantage of each ray of sunshine

A winter garden – a common dream, especially in our climate zone. It may be a green oasis that will make us feel like in the middle of the summer on cold winter days. It is also a way to increase living space. Attached to the house, e.g, on the side of the living room it becomes its extension, and thanks to large glazing it turns into a panoramic picture which is a decoration of the interior. Winter gardens are usually transformed into a relax zone  with a comfortable sofa or an armchair and a home library with a collection of favorite books. It is also a great place for a dining room, or, for the brave, a home gym. With the application of sliding or traditional windows, in spring and summer the hothouse can easily turn into  terrace. Winter garden allows to enjoy the sun for a long time, using the potential of each sunray.

– „A well-designed and executed winter garden is characterized by high energy efficiency, due to he fact that winter gardens are made of elements with so called thermal separator which maintain low heat transfer coefficient. This is what distinguishes them from orangeries, greenhouses or verandas, which, in this aspect, tend to be less economical solutions – explains Mirosław Furtan, production director at Drutex S.A..

The key to energy efficiency properties in the winter garden is the location and the right choice of profiles and glass.   

The winter garden should be designed in well-lit areas. Southern exposure will ensure the possibility to enjoy the sun all day. Western exposure will allow us to admire the romantic light at dusk as the night falls.   

„When choosing the profiles and the glass we should opt for the best parameters, including low heat transfer coefficient. It will allow to maximize the benefits from daylight and to make best use of its natural properties” – advises Mirosław Furtan.  One example of such a solution is the MB-WG 60 system from Drutex. The system consists of aluminum profiles with a thermal separator which are compatible with other window systems made from i.a. PVC, aluminum and wood. You may also choose window panes with various parameters, suited to our needs, e.g. with enhanced sound insulation, hardened, safe glass, anti-burglary, ornament or anti-sol. The frame as a standard in the system is available in the steel, galvanized version. There is also a possibility to apply the Swisspacer Ultimate in wide color range. Winter gardens built in MB-WG 60 systems also have EPDM terpolymer seal which improves energy efficiency parameters.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that in accordance with current biding regulations in construction law in Poland (Article 29(1) of Act dated 7 July 1994, Construction Law, Journal of Laws 2007, nr 191, item 1373, the consolidated text of Journal of Laws 2019, item 1186), building a winter garden not bigger than 35 square meters does not require a construction permit. In order to enjoy the sun all year round we just need to declare an intention to build such a facility.


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