Choosing roller shutters for your flat?

External roller shutters are becoming more and more popular with owners of flats and houses. Apart from their obvious function that improves everyday comfort, they also ensure energy efficiency, safety, privacy and noise protection.

When looking for roller shutters for the house, we encounter countless offers. Opting for one product may be a difficult and stiff task for a lot of people. What should we take into account in order to be sure that the purchase will fulfill our expectations and it will serve us for many years to come?

The key aspect is whether we are looking for roller shutters that will be installed in an existing house or one under construction. The universal one seems an adaptation aluminum roller shutter which is installed on the elevation or in the window recess, whereas mounted PVC or Styrofoam roller shutters are installed together with the window. Therefore, it may be executed at the construction stage or when exchanging the window woodwork in the existing building.

- Roller shutters have been in our offer since 1997, that is already 3 years after we launched the production of PVC windows. While developing windows technologically and conceptually we were able to implement cutting-edge solutions also in blinds ensuring integration of the products in all aspects. Today our offer includes both adaptation and mounted roller shutters, and recently we have introduced a brand new product – external roller shutters. All the products are equipped with our original solutions and have been created in our research and development department. They are produced on most modern machines and equipment. As a result, clients receive an exceptional product, perfectly durable for many years to come– says Marcin Kloska, sales director at Drutex SA.

Considering the purchase of roller shutters we should also pay attention to the casings offered by the producer, especially the available dimensions, access options, so called revision, or their color uniformity (important above all in adaptation roller shutters); last but not least – the available width and color of the slats.

- Roller shutters have been gaining popularity for years. We constantly work on perfecting the products and equipping them with extra functions. Therefore, we have integrated them with smart home systems that enable to control them with a smartphone or a tablet. Our roller shutters may be also equipped with mosquito nets, which enhances the comfort of flats and houses – adds M. Kloska.

It is worth noticing that the special thermal insulation foam applied in the slats, as well as the possibility to use a Styrofoam casing (in mounted roller shutters) significantly improve the parameters in thermal insulation of the rooms, which additionally contributes to decreasing heating and cooling bills.

Roller shutters also constitute an extra burglary protection. The mere fact of installation is another barrier for potential burglars, and, as a result, it slows down their actions, which decreases the risk of intruding. What is more, equipping the roller shutters with smart control function allows to open and close them at different hours, simulating our presence at home when we are out.

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